3D in the Human Body

Back in 2014, I made this poster for a medical show at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Today there are hundreds of new applications in medicine.

Here are a few recent additions in healthcare using additive manufacturing.

 Hip, elbow, knee, vertebrae, limb, dental and olfactory implants, maxillofacial surgery and facial reconstruction, prosthetics, medical modeling for patient specific surgical planning, replacement of titanium stents with bio-based dissolvable stents (no more lifetime of blood thinners), cranial replacement to relieve pressure from aneurysms, artificial skin for burn victims, custom medicine tablets for epilepsy patients (more porous than stamping to act much faster), time released gel caps for cancer patients to let multiple medicines release in proper order, recently even a working network of blood vessels.

3D printed rib replacement


3D printed knee replacements
3D printed hip replacement NOTE: The rough surface is more conducive to bone growth


3D prosthetics for facial reconstruction


Maxillofacial reconstruction
Liver model