Leapfrog Creatr HS

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HS stands for High Speed: printing up to 5 times faster than the regular Creatr. With an astonishing print volume of 14.8 liters and the possibility to print objects up to 30cm of length, the Creatr HS is the most versatile printer on the market. The Creatr HS is also much more convenient since it is stand-alone featuring a 4inch full color LCD screen and the ability to print directly from USB. By standard the Creatr HS is equipped with dual extrusion.

High speed 3D printing, print up to 300 mm/s

Due to continuous technological development Leapfrog has achieved a significant increase of printing speed. By lowering the weight of the extruder carriage the Creatr HS is capable of printing up to 300mm/s. Faster prototyping for our customers provides them with the ability to benefit ever more from 3D printing.


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